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Click the image to listen to Alkaline – State A Emergency (Audio)

Fans online are still reacting to Alkaline’s new song, “State A Emergency.” It’s an official release with brand new lyrics. Produced by Tru Ambassador Ent Productions. Distributed by InnerCat Music Group,.

Anyone who knows dancehall music would nonetheless have doubt that Alkaline is talented. His music speaks volumes above all things. Just like his latest single. People believe that “State A Emergency” by Alkaline is truly a raw uncut authentic, dancehall record.

alkaline with the thing music

Alkaline is getting back into the mode of taking over the music industry with creative music and videos. This time, Alkaline released a brand new song, “With the Thing.” Produced by ZJ Chrome. Distributed by Zojak World Wide. Perhaps more attention will go his way after so many years of hard work.

Listen to “With the Thing” by Alkaline! (Click HERE)

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