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Vitalyzd TV - Stealing Girlfriends Prank!

Bahahahahahaha! Hold crap!… talk about testosterone levels on max!! lol — Today the famous prankster made many boyfriends ‘turn hulk’ by stealing their girlfriends away from them.

It’s for real though… Catch a good laugh at their reactions as Vitaly tries to run off with their ‘wifeys’ on foot!

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Vitalyzd TV - "How To Pick Up Milfs!"

Vitaly aka ‘Milf Hunter’ came up with a master plan to pick up HOT SEXY MOMMAS! …But seriously though, he really did try to pick up mothers with their kids at local parks, lol.

Rest assured their reactions were hilarious!… Have a laugh while watching the latest prank video, “How To Pick Up Milfs” brought to you by Vitalyzd TV!

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VitalyzdTv - Cop Picking Up Girls Prank!

*sigh*.. Only if policemen were cool like this in real life!..
Famous Youtube prankster, Vitaly came up with a game plan to chop girls in an open area without being disrespected by any of them. How? He dressed up like a COP and took off pulling pranks on as many ladies he could find! Lol!

What happens next?… Well you’re gonna have to watch VitalyzdTv’s newest series called “Cop Picking Up Girls Prank!”