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WATCH: VitalyzdTv - Sniffing Strangers Prank! (Video)

Oh Lawwwdd!! This is too funny! “Sniffing Strangers” has to be the BEST way to piss someone off, LMAO! ‘Cause prankster, Vitaly just took the throne for dodging ‘head fakes’ of many angry people who tried to slap him for smelling them randomly.

Omg, their reactions are PRICELESS! …Look at the footage and feel free to tell us what you think!

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Vitalyzd TV - Ridiculous Ticket Guy Prank! (Video)

Vitaly gets down and dirty setting up pranks to innocent people with ridiculous tickets. For example, you’re a driver who just got out of the car and got slapped with a $25 fine. It’s all fun and games though as prankster, Vitaly has these people feeling so desperate that they start doing jumping jacks lol.

Watch this funny episode of Vitalyzd TV called the “Ridiculous Ticket Guy Prank” on SWAGGARIGHTENTERTAINMENT.COM!

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WATCH: Vitalyzd TV - Gold Digger Surprise Prank! (Video)

DAAAMMNNNNN! Now this is just sad… really sad!.. *pause* Bahahaha! ..AHEM! *clearing throat* …Fellas, is this really what’s up?!

This video proves all rumors that now a days many women are literally out to chase money from men. The value of relationships mean nothing these girls, unless that special guy puts in 99% of the work and worships her at her feet. In the latest prank done by Vitalyzd TV, Vitaly grabs the attention of a young lady with his hot new ride! Only to find out that it’s not his….*GASP*!

Watch what happens in the all new “Gold Digger Surprise Prank!”