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Known to the world as Bounty Killer, 5 Star General and Poor People Governor.. The dancehall giant, Rodney Price sat down with Quizz & Macedon for an epic interview. The General starts off by explaining events which lead to the start of his career; Working with King Jammy’s and many other important people.

Aww man, this episode is well worth watching, lol! — On Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club, radio hosts Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy, set up an intense interview with the r&b legend, Tank. Rumors speculating around Tank were demolished – He proved them all wrong. He even spoke about his newly release album, ‘Savage’ now available everywhere! (Click HERE to download/stream). This interview got pretty juicy once the topic about how to please a girl came into discussion.

Internationally known famous rap emcee, Styles P and his wife Adjua Styles, discuss the stigma on suicide. They spoke about the death of their daughter, who took her own life, and how it affected them. This all took place in an interview on Power 105.1 FM The Breakfast Club. A major discussion about depression came to the surface shortly after. Depression affects everyone in some way or another regardless of how strong they may appear to be. Styles believes that checking up on love ones or members in your community is a great way to start. He urges the ‘hood community’ to show more love and affection because it’s a cure of healing. So please never feel weak, soft or vulnerable in doing so.

Laying all jokes aside, some words should be left unsaid. Just like Conor McGregor’s comment referring to African-Americans as ‘monkeys,’ smh.. *pause*.. Boy, please.. You can’t diss the original human being (African/Black) and get away with it, lol.

Anyway, this fight is bound to be a good one! Stephen A. Smith from ESPN’s First Take has the scoop. He sat down with Floyd Mayweather to discuss the anticipating fight against McGregor happening on Saturday August 26th, in Las Vegas. Let’s just say, Floyd feels disrespected by McGregor’s remark. He promises to give him the big KO! What do you think?