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  • Swagga Right Dance is proud to be the 1st URBAN DANCE PLACE in Durham Region! A movement of high quality services and culture, represented internationally. All of our programs are designed to help those who seek opportunities in dance, fitness or just overall exposure for their craft.

    We teach a diverse community which creates unity, builds better self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence. Professional motivators offering you the BEST disciplined dance classes, PACKED with the latest music and dance moves that will make YOU want more!!!

    Recreational Programs & Competitive Teams available for children & adults.

  • Our goal is to gear up participants to explore possibilities for exposure as a professional dancer, on a higher scale.

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  • Did you know that our group programs are fused with various dance styles? This is how we create versatile dancers! Each dancer will build strong memory skills by learning a variety of choreographed routines.
  • Swagga Right Dance was founded in January 2012 by a passionate young woman name Cori Kasha. At the time, she was 5 months pregnant fearlessly chasing her dream to create a foundation where people from all cultures come together through music and dance. Before this was our Hustle & Flow Dance Classes which was created in February 2011. Drop-In classes were held every Wednesday night at a local dance studio in Pickering; lessons were open for ages 10-16 years old. Being different in a multicultural community offering urban dance styles started to capture the interest of everyone. Classes were later held outside parks and inside local community centers for promotional purposes and confidence building among the participants.

    As time went by, the classes became more popular. A youth dance team soon emerged, as well as older adults willing to participate in the class. An opportunity came through that summer when a local artist inquired to have backup dancers for his dancehall performance in Toronto. The idea of using the young dance team was a complete success! People from all around wanted to be part of our “new urban movement”. We searched for a new location which lead us to a Martial Arts facility called Rising Sun. We opened up new dance programs for children ages 3 years to Adult and that’s how Swagga Right Dance was finally born.

    On August 27th, 2015, our adult dance crew was asked to perform at the Culture Squared (Culture2) event in Oshawa. With exactly 1 month to prepare… these dedicated dancers were able to pull off 6 routines with ease and the crowd enjoyed every minute of their performance!

    Fast forward to June 14th, 2017, our youth students were given the opportunity to perform at Dennis O’Connor High School’s Soiree Multicultural Event. We chose nine recreational dancers, ages 5 – 17 years, to showcase their talent. It was an epic moment! Each student has never performed before… but share a dream to become a professional dancer. Our youths tackled this opportunity with togetherness, confidence and laughter.

    Summer 2017 was a special one! Our first-time soloist was asked to perform at the T.I.Y. (Toronto International Youth) Dance Festival. This epic event took place in Toronto, at Nathan Philips Square, on Friday July 28th. Did we mention our performer stole the show?!.. Fans were inspired once they found out he had less than 1 week to create a hip hop routine. What an unbelievable experience!

    Aye!..Did we ever tell you about June 13th, 2018? Well, let’s just say that our youth dancers tore the house down. Seven highly motivated students put together a 3-part performance at the annual Culture Soiree in Ajax, held at Archbishop Denis O’Connor Catholic High School. Their presence was wild, epic and full of style! Plus, they gained fans and admirers from everyone, young & old. It was truly a day to remember.

    Ah yes. Caribana weekend was way too much fun! August 3rd, 2018, our Youth Dance Team became the highlight of the T.I.Y. Dance Festival in Toronto. Held at Nathan Philips Square every year – this time to show off our hottest dance routines in front of a packed, multicultural crowd. We created two performances mixed with the latest hip hop, afrobeat and reggaeton music. Our skits were hilarious and the audience walked away feeling entertained. Our first time competitive hip hop soloist brought home a gold medal on August 4th. Everyone’s energy involved in this event was so phenomenal!

    With just 1 week in between shows, August 18th, 2018, our Youth team performed at the annual Golden Kids’ Festival held in Mississauga. A special family event which promotes unity and entertainment; two attributes our company represents proudly. Our Youth Team held the stage for a crowd who demanded an ‘encore’ to our last two performances in Toronto. Well, we gave it to them alright! Our students were humbled with all the attention given to them by the community. How awesome!..

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    Swagga Right Entertainment is currently looking for talented, passionate dancers who are interested in working in a creative and supportive environment to be part of our Competitive Dance Team!

    Opportunities to perform in competitions, music videos and community events will be granted for those who seek a career as a professional dancer.

    Our DANCE TEAM CLASSES benefit:
    – Better self-esteem & self-confidence
    – Improves focus & imagination
    – Encourages free-styling and group activities
    – Develops flexibility, strength and overall conditioning

  • HAPPY FEET (*now offering* Ages 3-5)

    For the little ones this class is an introduction to dance. Each dancer will learn musicality, rhythm, and precision using a variety of music! An awesome class that encourages smiles and participation. It is tailored for fun!

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  • PERFORMERS EDGE (Ages 6-8)

    This class is a fusion of dance and theatre. Dancers will learn to express themselves through music, dance and character playing. An excellent class for building the imagination and teaching how to focus!

  • CENTER STAGE (Ages 9-12+)

    Using the latest music this class teaches you how to move to the beat while improving your strength, flexibility, and overall conditioning! This is a great class to build self-confidence while learning dance techniques!

  • HUSTLE & FLOW …home of HIP HOP DANCE!! (Teen & Adult)

    HUSTLE & FLOW “Dance-Fit” Classes offer the HOTTEST form of DANCE! Dancers will learn the latest dance styles in Hip Hop, Pop & Lock, Dancehall, and More!

    Here each dancer will develop their own ‘style & swagger!’ Free-styling and group activities are encouraged! If you like to perform then this class is for you. These classes are a great way to expand your versatility and memory skills by learning a variety of dance routines.

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  • Did you know “HUSTLE & FLOW” has a powerful meaning?

    The term “HUSTLE” describes the CARDIO component of the instruction (ie: Fast, Jazz, Sweat), and “FLOW” describes the variety of dance styles taught in each lesson (ie: Hip Hop, Pop & Lock, Urban Contemporary, Street Jazz, House, Dancehall, & Soca).


    “Fun & Sexy Weight Loss Programs for Adults!”

    It’s party time! Join us for this fun, motivational Dancehall-Caribbean Soca-fit workout! Guaranteed to burn calories, improve your stamina and boost your self-esteem!

    “Finally…Adult Dance Classes for those who want to improve their BODY SIZE, PERFORMANCE and STYLE!!!”

  • Are you interested in learning just ‘one’ dance style? Call Today and inquire about our Private Dance Lessons!

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