Swagga Right is in fact Durham’s #1 urban dance studio in Ontario best known for versatile dancers.
A place where clients can finally learn the hottest forms of hip hop dance in our all styles group programs. Which was specifically created to offer dancers opportunities to perform around the world. Lessons are unlike no other dance studio!.. Above all, our instructors are not only certified to teach but also trained in First Aid, CPR-C, and HIGH FIVE.

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Are you looking for a professional dance studio with opportunities in dance, fitness or just overall exposure for your craft? Great news… we have a surprise just for you! Swagga Right Dance now offers uban lessons for aspiring performers for children ages 3 to adult. In fact, we’re proud to be the first urban dance place in Durham. A movement of high quality services and culture, represented internationally. We teach a diverse community which creates unity, builds better self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to gear up participants to explore possibilities for exposure as a professional dancer, internationally. As a result, dancers will experience the opportunity to travel and perform at various events, shows and music videos. Above all, each dancer will have the chance to network with different people from all walks of life.

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dance classes

Did you know our group programs are fused with various dance styles? This is how we create amazing versatile dancers. Because our culture represents so many forms of dance, we’re able to incorporate various styles into each lesson. Especially hip hop, pop & lock and house. These are the hottest styles of dance displayed all over social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

In addition, we develop skills in Caribbean dance like soca, dancehall & reggae. Not to mention technical skills from ballet and acrobatics. In conclusion, we created two styles of our own called urban contemporary and street jazz. Two forms of dance that completes the uniqueness of Swagga Right Dance.

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Toddler Dance Classes

dance classes

Happy Feet Dance Program Open for ages 3-5 years old

We’re having a party so don’t forget to bring your Happy Feet! Here’s an introduction to dance program open for young boys and girls. Guaranteed to develop musicality, precision and learn rhythm. An awesome class that encourages smiles and participation using different genres of music. Open for ages 3-5 years old.

Kids Dance Classes

kids dance classes

Performers Edge Program Open for ages 6-8 years old

Our Performers Edge program is fused with dance and theatre. In fact, it’s an excellent class for building the imagination and teaching kids how to focus. Above all, flexibility and conditioning methods are most important in this class. Open for ages 6-8 years old.

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Youth Dance Classes

youth dance classes

Center Stage Program Open for ages 9-12 years old

First of all, our Center Stage program is known for using the latest music. In addition, these classes are a great way for youths to build their technique as a professional dancer. Especially through strength, flexibility, and overall conditioning training exercises. As a result teaches the youths how to move to the beat while improving their skills as a performer. Open for ages 9-12 years old.

Teen Dance Classes

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Hustle & Flow Program Open for teens & adults

Hustle & Flow offers the hottest form of hip hop dance classes. Finally, a program where participants can develop their own style and swagger! Furthermore, benefit by learning creative ways to incorporate choreography through various dance styles. Each dancer will develop free-styling methods for various songs. As well as maintain strong technique. Open for teens and adults.

Adult Dance Classes

adult dance classes

Mawd Dancehall Program Open for Adults

Above all, our Mawd Dancehall program delivers an unforgettable fitness experience. Specifically created for fun & sexy weight loss purposes. Join us for this motivational, caribbean-fit, dance workout guaranteed to burn calories, improve stamina and boost self-esteem. Open for Adults.

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