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king inna earth by masicka

Click image to listen to King Inna Earth by Masicka.

Have you heard Masicka’s record, King Inna Earth? This amazing single was produced by Sweet Music Productions. Also, mixed by Emudio Records. The lyrics are so deep. Above all, listeners benefit by gaining inspiration. There’s no way to describe this track except that fact that the message is very motivational. A proud record full of confidence.

Furthermore, King Inna Earth caused a spark in the music industry. As a result, new followers turned into supporters. At the end of the day, Masicka will continue to reap the rewards he deserves in regards to his musical career.

shenseea temptation overdrive

Click image to listen to Temptation Overdrive by Shenseea (Audio)

First of all, Shenseea’s new song caused a wave in the music industry. Listeners fell in love with the lyrics the same way they fell in love with the melody. Recorded on the FRESH PAINT RIDDIM. Produced by Chimney Records. Officially released for April 2019. Titled Temptation Overdrive.

Temptation Overdrive was a big surprise for most people. Because lots of effort of was put into this song. On top of that, Shenseea proved to her haters that she has what it takes to stay on top.

govana getaway song

Click image to listen to Govana, Getaway song.

If you want to relieve stress quickly, try listening to Govana’s new Getaway single. This song is so special because the lyrics may resonate with you. Recorded on the latest FRESH PAINT RIDDIM. An amazing dancehall single produced by Chimney Records.

Let’s all hold a meds while listening to Govana’s new song, Getaway.

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