A Reggae tribute to Jamaica’s very own “John Holt”


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For those who are unfamiliar with John Holt, he’s one of Jamaica’s greatest musicians! John Holt is more than just a Reggae Legend, he has brought the world nothing but smiles and happiness! If you’re a DJ/Soundman you will be digging back into your record collection to see how much John Holt music you still have on vinyl. He was the kind of artist who always gave 100% energy at studio sessions and became popular when it came to cutting dub plates for sound systems.

The pioneers of reggae music have contributed a tremendous amount of records over the past 5 decades. John Holt has recorded some of Jamaica’s biggest chunes like “Sweet Come Brush Pon Me,” “I Want A Love I Can Feel,” “Stick By Me,” and “Police In Helicopter” ..READ MORE

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