donkey of the day

Bahahaha! This story has to be posted! — If you’re a singer.. especially a professional one.. wouldn’t you want to sing a song that actually sounds good? Yea, unfortunately some folks lost the memo on that one, lol.

Let’s use Taylor Swift’s new cover for example. She sang over the world’s famous “September” track, originally recorded by the legendary group of black soul brothers name Earth, Wind & Fire. News about this atrocity came to the forefront just days ago. Charlamagne from Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club gave fans the inside scoop! And topped it off with giving Miss Swift Donkey Of The Day! 😉


Charlemagne Tha God sets the record straight by airing out the people who can’t mind their own business. lol 😉

Today Stacey Klein, NBC News Associate Producer was awarded Donkey Of The Day for the sly remark she made about Lebron James. She put up an Instagram Post stating Lebron James asked for a girl’s number right in front of her which is clearly NONE of her business. #Smh

It’s kinda silly for a woman like her to cause unnecessary drama for Lebron James’ happy home, huh? Anyway! Click below and listen to what Charlemagne has to say about Stacy Klein and her senseless comment. Enjoy!