so mi like it

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WATCH: Spice feat. Busta Rhymes - "So Mi Like It" Remix Behind the Scenes (Video)

Spice’s career is about to take off once again with rap star, Busta Rhymes! Yesterday they gave viewers a sneak peek at their behind the scenes remix video of “So Mi Like It!”

The scenes to the upcoming video are impressive! Both artists look like their ready to release a dancehall-hip hop classic! Watch the making of the remix and the entire days sequence of events right here on SWAGGARIGHTENTERTAINMENT.COM!


Busta Rhymes hops on Spice’s song and dropped a verse to her hit single, “So Mi Like It.” Creating a remix that is well on it’s way to do some damage in the music industry.

This track was recorded on the BOOM BOX RIDDIM produced by Notnice Records. Be the first to listen to the crazy collaboration of dancehall and hip hop by Spice featuring Busta!

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WATCH: OnStageTV - Spice Interview on Breakup, Macka Diamond and Lady Saw! (Video)

Earlier this month Spice returned on the popular TV series, ONSTAGE to discuss how her new video affected her relationship with her baby’s father, and the clash between Macka Diamond and Lady Saw.

Let’s start off by saying that Spice is a professional! She takes her career very seriously and refuses to have anyone or anything come in between. Recently Spice’s boyfriend (who’s now her EX) posted a picture on a social network site accusing her of cheating with a ‘muscular man.’ It turns out that the photo was just a snapshot from Spice’s latest video , “So Mi Like It”. #SMH…Geeze, can you imagine that!?

Find out more of what Spice had to say regarding her jealous lover, and personal thoughts on the clash Macka Diamond and Lady Saw had at Sting 2013.