taboo riddim


Check out Dancehall’s brand new single called “Western Union.” This chune is Deablo’s second song recorded on the TABOO RIDDIM for November 2013!

“Western Union” is a track where Deablo airs out the fact that is girl spends a next man’s money on him…*GASP!*…Well, what can I say, these situations do happen!

Tune in below to listen to Deablo’s latest Western Union record and feel free to share your thoughts.

aidonia-the-best new-chune-dancehall-2013

Dancehall’s TABOO RIDDIM takes a new look with Aidionia’s version to the track!

Aidonia drops lyrics in his latest “The Best” record airing out his personal sexual preferences in women. This song was freshly released for November 2013. Produced by Ancient Records.

Tune in below – The melody is crazy!


40 Strong is the latest badmon chune for dancehall!

Deablo releases a song challenging those who think their bad to chat tough in his latest single called “40 Strong.” The hype track was recorded on the new TABOO RIDDIM. Released for November 2013.

Check out Deablo’s song below. Produced by Ancient Records.