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WATCH: Nyemiah Supreme feat. Timbaland - "Thorough Bitch" Dance Rehearsal (Video)

Nyemiah Supreme proves that she’s got more skills than the average rapstress!

The 22 year old female emcee from Southside Jamaica, Queens Nyemiah Supreme shows the world that she has it all! With her swag always turnt up mixed her mean rap flow no wonder why no one can ever replace her.

On January 21st, 2014 Nyemiah Supreme released an exclusive dance video. It’s a 3-and-a-half minute dance rehearsal to her latest record called “Thorough Bitch (Turn Up)” featuring Timberland and Attitude. The rehearsal took place at the Alvin Ailley Dance Theater in New York City choreographed by Gizzy…READ MORE

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Nyemiah Supreme feat. Timbaland - Rock & Roll (Music Video)

The ultimate Swagg Diva reppin’ Brooklyn, New York, makes a strong stament saying she’s a rap genuis without the penis.

Nyemiah Surpreme, a fearless rapstress gears up with well known producer Timberland to drop a hot record to kill the competition. “Rock & Roll” is the name of their latest single that’s becoming a hot topic for hip hop…READ MORE