Trabass teams up with rising singing star, AloVich to create a smash hit record called “Action”. This smooth reggae dancehall single is off the ‘Trabulation’ EP which launched on December 9th, 2016, presented by Trabass TV LLC (Click HERE to download on iTunes). On April 14th, 2017, visuals to “Action” appeared on Trabass’ YouTube channel. The scenes were directed by RD Studios.

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WATCH: Trabass TV - "Jamaicans Relationships Arguments 3" Comedy Sketch (Video)

DWL! — International entertainer, Trabass made up a comedy sketch video based on relationships.. *cough*.. “Jamaican Relationships”. This 3rd segment is about a couple who’s in an argument about ‘her’ outfit being inappropriate for a ‘girls night out’.

You gotta take a look at this video.. its bare jokes til the end!