the new joker movie trailer

Click to watch the New “Joker” Movie Trailer (Video)

We found a new movie by Warner Bros titled “Joker.” Starring performances by Robert De Niro, Todd Phillips and Zazie Beetz. Fans couldn’t ask for a better time to finally watch the movie. Set to release on the 4th of October 2019. Just in time for halloween.

Not only will this new movie become the next top box seller. But on the day of its release, its destined to break record sales! Fans are desperate, although waiting patiently for this project to come to fruition. In fact, according to movie critics “The Joker” movie is well put together.

First of all, the film was built on an iconic arch nemesis person. A character however, found in Batman. A fictional superhero comic book published by DC Comics. A thrilling story never seen before on the large screen!

The story line is pretty much about how a good guy became bad. Once you watch the trailer, you’ll finally understand the Joker’s past life experiences.