**THROWBACK VIDEO OF THE DAY** Styles P feat. Marsha Ambrosius - "I'm Black"

With all the chaos going on the world, we all need a minute to stop and think.. where do we go from here? Well they say, “Change starts with YOU”, right? So let’s elaborate on this topic for a bit… First of all, it’s about time as individuals we start to recognize that black people are being treated unfairly in society. Seeing so many unnecessary deaths among black/brown folks leaves many people questioning whether or not there is a norm to their ‘denying existence’. *suck teeth*.. Like as if there’s nothing new seeing an innocent black person going through hell on these streets, smh.

Rap artists like Styles P and singer, Marsha Ambrosius took their platform back in 2006 to uplift the black people with a hit record called “I’m Black”. Today’s Throwback Video of The Day is special performance Styles P and Marsha Ambrosius did at the Apollo. “I’m Black” is a popular banger off the second studio album, ‘Time Is Money’. What many fans don’t know is that this album suffered several setbacks from Spring 2005 – It was finally released on December 19th, 2006… READ MORE!

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