It’s a THRRROOOWWWWBBBAACCKKK!.. and today’s chosen video of the day goes to “You’re The One” starring none other than R&B’s finest group SWV. Special shout out goes to songwriters Allen ‘Allstar’ Gordon, Cheryl Gamble, Tamara Johnson and Andrea Martin. “You’re The One” was produced by Allen ‘Allstar’ Gordo under the label RCA, released on March 28th, 1996.

Best believe every young lady back in the day sang this song loudly in a park, on a bus, or rocking it out in the shower (haha). It’s just one of those classic records where if a person starting to sing it, others would gladly chime in too! In other words, this joint was a huge cross-over success which debuted at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, then duly peaked at the fifth position. Check out SWV’s hottest song on SRE!

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