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Throwback Videos & Music 80'S 90'S 2000'S

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“Superwoman (Pt. II)” is the most successful song Lil’ Mo has to this date! The remix features the then-unknown rap lyricist, Fabolous. This throwback single was released in 2001 off the debut album ‘Based On A True Story.’ Many listeners can agree that “Superwoman” is an anthem promoting the empowerment of women, globally. The remix was produced by hip hop’s very own DJ Clue and Ken “Duro” Ifill, brought to you by Elektra Records.


**THROWBACK VIDEO OF THE DAY** Canibus - Second Round K.O.

Let’s take it back a bit when Canibus aka Germaine Williams was at war with LL Cool J. This beef was a huge deal in hip hop history! It all started when LL took offence to a few lyrics Canibus made in the original song, “4, 3, 2, 1” – The line in the song goes, “L, is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that”. LL struck back at Canibus with an indirect diss on the same record. Before the song was released, LL approached Canibus and asked him to change his lyrics in order to remain on the song… Canibus agreed… But LL Cool J kept his lyrics anyway.



**THROWBACK VIDEO OF THE DAY** Styles P feat. Marsha Ambrosius - "I'm Black"

With all the chaos going on the world, we all need a minute to stop and think.. where do we go from here? Well they say, “Change starts with YOU”, right? So let’s elaborate on this topic for a bit… First of all, it’s about time as individuals we start to recognize that black people are being treated unfairly in society. Seeing so many unnecessary deaths among black/brown folks leaves many people questioning whether or not there is a norm to their ‘denying existence’. *suck teeth*.. Like as if there’s nothing new seeing an innocent black person going through hell on these streets, smh.

Rap artists like Styles P and singer, Marsha Ambrosius took their platform back in 2006 to uplift the black people with a hit record called “I’m Black”. Today’s Throwback Video of The Day is special performance Styles P and Marsha Ambrosius did at the Apollo. “I’m Black” is a popular banger off the second studio album, ‘Time Is Money’. What many fans don’t know is that this album suffered several setbacks from Spring 2005 – It was finally released on December 19th, 2006… READ MORE!