*screaming*… It’s NEW YEARS EVE!!!.. Y’all know what time it is ;) — As the year comes to an end, we at Swagga Right Entertainment would like to unleash our selection of Top 25 Music Videos for 2018. We got the hottest rap, hip hop and MAWD dancehall music videos to feed your curiosity. Blended with smooth n’ sexy r&b, plus we took a hold on afrobeat too! Psst.. here’s our secret ‘sauce’ we used to determine our top 25 list.

Each artist was judged individually by their project’s:
– Strong Message
– Video Performance &
– Lyrical Delivery.

Whoever obtained the highest overall score won their position, fair and square! We chose no favorites… everyone was judged with a ‘fine tooth comb’.

Special thanks to all who have shown continued support and loyalty over the years. Now enjoy watching the 2018 Top 25 MUSIC VIDEOS brought to you by Swagga Right Entertainment. #2018 #NEWYEAR #STAYUP #ManyBlessings