Known to the world as Bounty Killer, 5 Star General and Poor People Governor.. The dancehall giant, Rodney Price sat down with Quizz & Macedon for an epic interview. The General speaks on what started his career in the music industry; Working with King Jammy’s and many other important people.

Bounty goes in depth and lets the fans know what state of mind he was in when developing his dancehall skills. He was strongly influenced by his long time friend and fellow co-worker, Boom Dynamite. 1993 is arguably one of the best years in dancehall history due to the fact that Bounty Killer and Beenie man faced off in a clash at Sting – For what will always be known as a great milestone in the dancehall community! The Seaview Gardens, Jamaica, reppin’ general breaks down the American music scene and how it boosted his career, too.

Take a peek! …Come watch the latest interview from dancehall legend, Bounty Killer.

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